Saturday, February 23, 2008

San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo

This week and next week is the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo. T got to be in the parade this morning for his school's float (San Angelo Christian Academy).

I wanted to add a few other pictures I took while at the Parade just for the pure fun of it...

^^This was totally awesome!!!^^

^^Only in San Angelo do you ride a Longhorn in a parade...^^

Once we were done at the Parade, we decided to head up to the Rodeo Fairgrounds to see the animals and hang out...

When we got done with that, T got a WILD HAIR and wanted to show Mommy he was a big boy and try the Bungee Big Bounce there at the fairgrounds. I took a few photos of my BIG BOY and a video. The video is a little blurry since it was taken on my cell phone. He is the one on the left of the video. He kept saying that he wanted to go higher, so you will see the lady there pull on his ankle a little to shoot him up higher... I am so proud of him!

All in all, it was a beautiful day filled with lots of fun times! We had so much fun together that we had to come home and take a nap to recuperate. I hope you all enjoyed your day as much as we did together!

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