Monday, February 11, 2008

Day of Reflection....

Today I got a call from a really close friend today asking for prayers for him and his family. They have had some hard times here lately and he and I have been praying together for God to see them through. I have a hard time with this because I am close to his family. I have seen the good and I have seen the bad. It is always hard to see someone you are close to struggle with something that is totally out of your control and theirs, but hopefully in this case, God will find a way to help them through this.

Pondering on a little further....I have always known that the Lord pulls our heart strings here and there, but the best part is when the pulling is over and we find ourselves more and more thankful to believe in such a wonderful God. I hope and pray that they realize this for themselves one day.

Some of you may know that one of my mother's favorite sayings when you are having a hard time with something is: "That which doesn't kill us, only makes us stronger."

Those of you who know anything about me know I have had a hard life with my disease. Every time I meet someone new and they find out about my disease, they ask what seems to be more than the normal 20 questions. The question I am getting more recently is: "If you could change it, would you rather live your life without it?" I was asked this question earlier today at the store when I met a good friend's girlfriend for the first time.

Truthfully,and without a hesitation, I always reply "NO!" My life may be hard and challenging in more ways than one, but no matter how hard I have had it in the past, I know it made me more and more of who I really am today. I have a much better outlook on life. I would not be near the person I am today had I not had this growing up. I love my life! God made me unique in more ways in one. I am a stronger Christian because of it!

Hopefully God has blessed your life as much as he has blessed mine. And hopefully your trials have made you a better person instead of a bitter person.

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