Monday, February 25, 2008

Craft Projects for the Last Week....


After T left for his Dad's I was straightening up the house when I noticed that my poor dining room chairs were finally showing the after marks of having a child in the house and occasional visitors. You see, I purchased this $10 table almost 5 years ago at a flea market. It is not your ordinary dining room table, but a table made out of old barn wood. I simply put a clear vinyl covering over it to protect it from the happenings of a little boy and a clumsy Mother. It has turned out to be quite the center of many conversations. So, as I wait for my son to grow up, I have been making do with the un-matched chairs and just recover them as needed. This time I let T decide what we would cover them with. This is what he decided on:


Ever since T has gotten big enough to remember the Holidays and get excited about them, I try to decorate the house with each Holiday. Last week we had gone to the store to get St. Patrick's Day decor, but since I was having a hard time finding any nice decor here in Angelo we made a decision to skip it and go straight to Easter. We made some things and just purchased others to try to spruce up the house a bit. Over all, I think it turned out really cute....

I have a few more projects that are up and coming, but it may be a few more weeks before I get to them. Things like this are a great way to end a day. It is very relaxing and self gratifying....I am just glad I can do them....Thanks MOM & DAD for teaching me how to do this stuff!!!

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