Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Family Time

Lately, my family has visited a lot. It has been helping me keep my mind off of Tristan being at his Dad's in Fort Stockton. I have taken lots of photos of the Grandkids (but only posted a few) and also a video of My Niece riding her bike without training wheels and one of KK making my newphew laugh. They are all growing up way too fast.....

We are all very proud of her for being able to do it by herself!

T borrowed Little Man's bike, so Little Man had to help him out (or so he thought he did)...

She is so good at it!!

KK made the baby laugh. He is a verry happy kid with an Awesome Mommy!

She really likes holding and playing with the baby...

The boys were being boys and holding stuff on their heads to try to get us to laugh...too cute!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pre-K Graduation Day 05/23/08

I almost forgot to put up the pictures of T's graduation from Pre-K into Kindergarten. I am so proud of our Little Man for doing so well! His Step-Mom was his teacher, so you will notice that she got to sign his diploma. I am very frazzled at the idea of him growing up so fast, but at the same time, I am so very proud of the Little Man he has become and the manners and good judgment that he has learned over this last school year while at SACA. He loves to sing his praise songs and loves to say his books of the bible to prove how smart he is. Congrats Tristan!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tristan's 5th Birthday Party

Even though T's Birthday is not until June3, we decided to have his Birthday party on May 31st at the Colts Stadium during one of their games. It was the last day I would have him before he would leave to go to visit his Dad in Fort Stockton for the entire month of June.

Shortly after arriving at the stadium, Casey the Colt brought T a gift and also a Birthday Cake from the Colts.

During the game, Tristan got called down to the field to Race Casey the Colt around the bases. We took a video of it so he could show you how fast he can run. You will see him false start and then have to go back and start again. He really enjoyed being able to chase Casey and when he was done, he received a t-shirt for beating Casey.

Since it was Jim's actual Birthday on the 31st, my parents, Karen, her son, and Omi all came over to the field after Jim's Party ended. (T and I didn't get to make it to Jim's Birthday party, but we did get to hang out with him and his family earlier that day and got to wish him a Early Happy Birthday.) Once they got there, I lit the candles on the Birthday cake and we all sang to T. Of course, Pop-pop had to cut the cake.....

After we sang and everyone ate the cake, we let T open his presents. There were so many of them. He was supported that day by many of our close friends, our singles ministry group and their children, and my family.

Aunt KK (Karen) decided to Silly String T and then Shortly there after, T's Step-Mom, Heather B, decided to Silly String his Dad. They both were caught of guard and we all had to laugh at them.

T was very pleased with the presents and will certainly get to enjoy them all once he gets back from his Dad's in July. He only got to open and play with a select few due to the fact that the he left to go to his Dad's the very next day.

We would like to thank all of those who were able to come to T's Party! His Dad, Step-Mom and I REALLY appreciate you being there to support him as he continues to grow and also for being there for him as he learns his place in this world.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Tristan's Star Party 05/16/08

Even though T's Birthday was not Until June 3rd, his School allows you to Host a "STAR PARTY" to honor those kids who have a birthday during the summer months. Tristan decided to have his on the 16th of May, right before school was out. He wanted Pizza, of course, so I made it a point to ask for time off work to be able to enjoy the party with him and take a few snap shots to share with you. (Thank goodness my work is very flexible on when I can take my lunch.)

He just had to take a picture showing how old he was going to be....too cute!!

One of the other Parents made Cookies, instead of cake. The kids really loved that!

This is how Heather B (Tristan's Step-Mom, but also his Pre-K Teacher) decorated the room. She did a great job and T really thought it was "COOL!" as he came through the door into the classroom.

While eating the eating their carrots, the kids decided to show how strong they were and I couldn't help but laugh at him....especially when he was straining so hard his face turned as red as a tomato...

Thank you to Heather B for helping me get this together for T!


Heather B always got creative with her bulletin boards throughout the school year. I was always stopping by to see what the next one was. When I saw this one, I had to share it with you! It says "One Soul At A Time, Stating With Mine. Bee God's Purpose." I managed to get a close up of Tristan as a Bee. He sure was a cute Bee....

Mother's Day 2008

On top of having a great camping experience with my Son and my closest friends at Enchanted Rock the day before, I REALLY had an awesome Mother's Day. T and I got up fwent to Sunday School, then attended Worship, then ate lunch with our Single Parents Ministry group. The unique part of the day, came about when our ministry group all decided to meet up at Kid's Kingdom Park, with the food of our choice, and our Children. We all sat around and spent time with our children for about a total of four hours.After the kids played on the playground, a few of us decided to go for a walk with the kids across the river to the Visitor Center Waterfall Area. The kids enjoyed chasing the ducks on the way over to the Visitors Center, while we got a kick out of seeing them exhaust themselves.

Some of the boys climbed up the rails of the bridge, and some even ran ahead to pick flowers for their Mommy.

I got many flowers from Tristan that day and an limitless amounts of "I Love You Mommy!"

Even though the day wasn't an elaborate planning of events, it was one of the best days I spent with my Son! I only hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day as much as I did.