Sunday, February 24, 2008

San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo Trip #2

So today T and I headed up to the Rodeo to watch the show at 3pm. I had gotten some tickets from Multi-Chem,my Awesome Employer, and wanted to take T to the Rodeo in the Afternoon, then go ride the Carnival Rides afterwards to end the weekend on a fun note. So, we did just that. The first two pictures I took, but T took the next few. (He didn't do too bad of a job.)

(^^He wanted to interview to be a clown for them next year.^^)

These are from the rides T rode while we were at the carnival:

(^^He was so excited he kept running into the walls because
he wasn't paying attention to which ones were real
and which ones were illusions. It happened all 4 times he
went into the Fun House lol...^^)

Needless to say, the time flew by real fast and it was already time for him to be in bed, so we left the carnival and came home. He wasn't on the couch for 10 minutes relaxing when I looked over from uploading these pictures and he was passed out! What a Awesome weekend with my son!!!

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