Saturday, November 22, 2008

Let us be Thankful - SACA Play 11/21/08

Well this week has been eventful. Last Saturday was the fundraiser dinner at SACA, this past Wednesday was the field trip to the Christmas Tree Farm and Friday was their Let Us Be Thankful... performance. Every grade level performed their own songs, skits, or play. It was neat to see the kids showing how Thankful they are for their families! They all did a marvelous job! I did get to film the Kindergarten's performance and if you have time to watch it, I think you will be amazed at how well they did memorizing their lines. They did their on The Pilgrims' First Feast by Brenda B. Covert

Currently, T is at his Dad's house in Fort Stockton until Wednesday and then I will leave my Parent's to go get him and take him back with me to Ingram for the rest of the week. I am sure I will post while I am there, so keep checking back.

We hope you all have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SACA Field Trip to the Christmas Tree Farm 11/19/08

Today was a wonderful day in God's Country with a Bunch of eager children! I decided to use one of my many remaining vacation days to spend the day with my son. Today was the day he was looking forward to for months and I wanted to be there when he got to experience it for the first time. Today was his school field trip to the Christmas Tree Farm. It was a very eventful day and I managed to take a few pictures here and there to share with you.

Our day started out at the school at 8am. After Chapel time, we promptly left to go to Eldorado to our much anticipated destination. Once there, all the children (Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade) all circled around the flag pole to honor our Country by saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

Then once we divided into two groups ("The Elfs" were the Pre-K and K, while 1st and 2nd were "The Reindeers"), we went for a hay ride around the while farm so that they could explain to us how they plant, water, and care for the Pine Trees they grow. The kids really enjoyed the ride!

Here is a small portion of the tree farm. You can tell which one were planted three years ago versus one year ago.

Once the ride was over, we went to see the owner of the farm and he let the group plant a pine tree since they all managed to guess the things a tree needs to grow properly; water, soil. fertilizer, sun and air. Of course they added a few things like music and hugs which gave us all a giggle.

Meet "The Elfs!" They were so well behaved!

They had a "Dress the Scarecrow Contest" too! It was so cute and the kids thouroughly enjoyed it. There were four small groups and they all had their own area and clothes to use. They turned out great!
The finished product....
These llamas were new to the Tree Farm this year and 95% of the kids had never seen one before. They all learned what llamas eat and asked a handfuls of questions.
In the midst of feeding the llamas, we decided it was about time to eat lunch, so we roasted Hot Dogs and had Smores for dessert. Most of the kids had never cooked anything over an open fire, so they enojyed the fact they could prepare their oen food without the help of an adult.

Shortly after lunch, we loaded up the school vans to get the kids back so they would still have time to take a nap. The whole van ride back tot he school, T kept asking me when we were going to go back and begged me to get a real tree this year. We will see, I would love to get one, but they are a pain to clean up after (especially with two cats that will love to play).

I hope you day was a wonderful as mine. I love to be there to experience T's "Firsts!" But for those of you who can't, that is what this blog is for. Have a great evening everyone!

Hiding Turkeys From Farmer Brown

Over the weekend, all the kids in T's class were given a Turkey to disguise so that Farmer Brown wouldn't recognize them and try to shoot them for Thanksgiving Dinner. When I heard what Little Man wanted his to be, all I could think of was "How are we supposed to do that...????..." Then one thing led to another... I drew, T cut things out, and we ended up with:

Here are some snap shots of the other kid's turkeys. I snuck a few pictures of them when I went to pick T up from school on Monday after school. They really turned out cute! These kids, though still young, have a wonderful imagination. I would love to give Kuddos to the parents for helping their kids make it happen the way they pictured it! Out of fourteen kids, they all turned out different and unique. See if you can guess what they all are disguised as....

Monday, November 17, 2008

San Angelo Chrisitan Academy Fall Fundraiser 11/15/08

Snowflake Showcase

I am so excited to announce that the Snowflake Showcase this weekend was very interesting and fun! I have really been enjoying my side business. If you haven't had the pleasure yet of checking it out, please visit my Crafting Haven when you get a few minutes.

I was extremely lucky to be placed right next to one of my dearest friends for the exciting event! For all of you that attended, your support was greatly appreciated! If you saw anything you like, please contact me to come by to see it again in person. Pictures never show the products true beauty! Also, I will be updating the web page this week with all the remaining new stuff that was at the Showcase this last Saturday.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

End of Season Soccer Party/Awards

As most of you know, I am a very proud Soccer Mom! To finish off a very successful season, Coach Cortez had all the boys meet at Neon Jungle for an awards ceremony and a few rounds of indoor put-put golf to celebrate their season. We are all so very proud of them!

When I told T that his awards party was in fact today after school, he said he wanted to take his Coach some flowers to say "Thank You" for teaching him how to play. He also wanted to get her an award, but since I didn't have time to come up with something, he settled for a gift card for movie rentals instead. He is so thoughtful and it is too cute that he always wants to get people something. He picked the flowers and the card out all by himself and was so proud that he didn't even spend all the money I told him he could, that he said I could buy something for myself with the left over money. It love it!!

He did let me snap a shot of him carrying in the flowers "like a big boy does" and he was grinning ear to ear when he told her "I picked them out myself and Mommy didn't even argue with me. Do you like them, if not Mommy can have them." It was funny. She told him she was very excited about them and asked if she could keep them instead. Of course, that made both his dimples pop out when he smiled with delight.

He is so excited about his trophy that he kept jumping up in place until she called out his name. He jumped up there so fast and turned immediately away and ran for me to show me. I couldn't help but laugh and wonder if I was that excited when I got my first trophy. I love to watch his excitement over the things in life. It makes all the long tiresome days worth it!


**I am also proud to announce that I will soon be Upgraded to a Basketball Mom at the end of this month. Tristan will be participating in Upwards Basketball.

My Surprise from Chris

Yesterday, the 5th of November, was our six month anniversary. We had been talking to each other for a while before that, but officially it has been six months now. Time sure flies...especially when you are happy. Anyway, I had just finished tutoring for the evening when Chris surprised me with flowers, dinner from Steak Express, a Movie and two cards. It was so unexpected and too sweet for words!

Here is a picture of my flowers. Tigger,one of my cats, loves to rub up against the leaves on flower is so cute to watch him just keep rubbing back and forth....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Knights Last Game

Today was the last game of the Fall Soccer Season. The boys did very well. They won four games and lost three. Here are the pictures from today's game. I was very proud of T! He ran hard and kicked the the ball really well several times today. It is so hard to remember to take pictures while cheering, but I managed to get a few. The awards ceremony and party is this Thursday to celebrate a great season. He can't wait to get his trophy. He is already counting down the days...

I am so very proud of Little Man! He has really come a long way from not knowing much about Soccer when the season started. He is already signed up to play again in the Spring, along with all the other boys on his team. Keep watching the website, because he will start Upwards Basketball (Church League) in December. I love being a Sports Mom, but I know sometimes he thinks his Mom is crazy since I cheer so much...

The Cousins at Kids Worshop

This morning, we met Jim and the kids (as well as Jim's Father-in-Law) at Home Depot for the Kid's Workshop. They were all going to build the Leaf press, but since they got done quickly, the very nice Gentlemen at Home Depot let them build a second project. The Bird houses turned out really good as well. They all participated and had a good time doing it together.

I recommend anyone take their kids to this if you get a chance. It is the first Sat of every month and Free to do.

Halloween 2008

We had a blast this year! First we went to Batman's school Fall Festival and play all the games we could. Then after, we all went to the house to hand out candy to the other Trick-or-Treaters.
I am very lucky to have such a generous "Batman"! He gave away candy by the handfuls. When I would get on to him and tell him "only two per kids or we will run out of candy for the rest of them," all he could say was "aww Mom, they are just having a good time and if we run out, I can just give them mine..." I get so proud of him when he does things like that! Good thing I bought three big bags from Sam's last week, since it was all gone after the kids quit coming to the house. And sure enough, Little Man still has all his own candy to eat. He was originally going to be Ironman, but when we actually went to get his costume, he fell in awe of the Batman costume and chose it instead. This year to make it more fun, he got to choose my costume. I wanted to be Catwoman, but T wanted me to match him and chose the Batwoman costume instead. It turned out really cute! Halloween is so much more fun with T around!
This was T's favorite part of decorating this year....I dont' like spiders normally, but this one I don't mind too much. You should have seen him carry it our of the store! It is literally as tall as he is...

Showing off his cape. He kept running all over the yard telling me he was flying to rescue people. Too cute!!
Showing off his mucles under our spider web in the tree.Two of Little Man's best friends from school (Indiana Jones -Jaxon and Army Man- Ben).

Batman and Pirate Carrie Gartman (His Teacher)

Going on the Hay Ride
Batman and Batboy (Chris bought his in Ohio, when he was TDY for the Military, and we had already bought was funny when we told each other what we had bought, without meaning to match.)

The Three of Us...
We hope you all had a Safe and Happy Halloween!

PABC Singles Retreat to HEB Camp 10-25-08