Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Happy Valentine's Day

to all those who are in love..
to all those who can not be with their loves...
to all those who have fallen out of love...
to all those who have given up on love...
to all those who are broken hearted...
and to all those who still hold the faith in love..


Everyone has love in their life whether they know it, recognize, or not. There are all kinds of love in this world, and each of us should hold that dear.

This is the Day of LOVE Whether it is the love between two hearts.. the love of a family... or the love of a friend; May Each of your hearts be opened to the realization, that you are loved!!!


I watched my niece and nephew tonight and they played for almost 2 21/2 hours. I love to see them play together. The laughing and the games they come up with keep me amazed. Well, since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, they exchanged their Valentine's with each other and I decided to film them for a little bit talking about why we celebrate Valentine's Day and then My niece and nephew sang the chorus to the song "Baby Blue" (since that is what their Dad sings to them at bedtime) while my son decided to be silly....enjoy!!

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Stephanie said...

That was just the sweetest thing ever!!