Friday, February 8, 2008

Fun With T & Church Friends

T and I decided to join the Single Parent Group from our church tonight for an evening filled with activities. We met at a place here in town called The Rink and went from one activity to the next.
T skated for the first time on real Roller Skates on the Rink floor, instead of on our carpet or our driveway and got a little scared.

After two of the Guys took him out on the floor (one on each side of him) and skated around a couple of times, he felt more secure, then he skated with Mommy around a couple of times. He spent most of his time skating on the carpet because he felt comfortable skating by himself on there, instead of the slick rink floor. After about two hours of skating, we played video games while waiting on the laser tag game to start. He did really good at laser tag for it being his first time. He lasted for 6 minutes 30 seconds out of the 8 minute game before he died for "the last time." They let you play for 8 minutes or 25 lives. So, yes, he died 25 times and was so excited he DIDN'T even shoot his gun one time! So for lasting that long and forgetting to fire his gun during the excitement, he declared himself "A Winner." After laser tag, the Mommy and Son Team rode the Go-Carts and had a blast.

Needles to say, it was a great night for the two of us and we really enjoyed the company of the other single parents from our Church and their children.

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