Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I am personally awarding T the above award. After being very shy and held back, tonight at his soccer practice, he decided to kick it up a notch and PLAY HARD. He had not tried challenging any of his team mates for the ball, until tonight. Only three were there for practice (the local schools had Meet the Teacher night and the three that showed up go to private schools). This left plenty of one on two time for the boys to practice their offensive/defensive skills. Needless to say, T decided to go for the goal and one of the boys got in his way, so instead of backing off and letting them have the ball, he challenged the boy and ended up a lot worse off than he thought he would. We were all so excited at his change in his previous offensive strategy to a more aggressive one that as he went down, we were all still cheering and clapping. When he started crying because of the blood, we then realized that he did more damage than what we expected. As he turned the ball the other kid kicked his leg and knocked it out from under him. This sent T to the ground really quick and hard. Once the blood was gone and a band-aid applied, he went back out and practiced. The scare of the blood had him a little apprehensive, but he soon started showing everyone his wounds and praising himself for making "his first goal!" He did make it and I was very proud of him!
To give you a better idea why I am praising his efforts, here is what he looked like after the blood stopped and after a long careful washing of his knees...

Way to go T! We are proud of you!

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