Friday, September 12, 2008

Meeting Francesca Battistelli

Most of you know I LOVE Christian Music. T and I had the pleasure a couple months ago of hearing Francesca play at Glen Meadows Baptist Church here in San Angelo when Big Daddy Weave came to town. I had never heard of her at the time, but I was blown away by her talent. She got up there with her Guitar and sang her heart out. She didn't have a band with her, but her music was just a powerful as if she had one! I was amazed at what this petite young lady could do with her vocals. Her songs were just as amazing!

After she got done playing her four songs to open for Big Daddy Weave, they announced her CD would soon be coming out. Needless to say, I knew I would want to buy it. So, I impatiently awaited it's release in July.

After telling a lot of people about her, I decided to purchase the four songs she sung that night for my iPod. That way I could let them hear her music instead of just taking my word on it. All four songs sounded exactly like her singing in person. I was so impressed! I couldn't believe how close they were! Most artists don't sound on CD like they do in person, but she did!

Right after her My Paper Heart CD Release , I found out via her website, that she would be coming back to San Angelo for the second time. Another rare Christian artist who visits Texas twice in a year, let alone a matter of months, and both times to San Angelo.

Once again, she blew me away with how Awesome she sings and also the power of the message in her songs! It was just her and her guitar and a lot of mesmerized people.

After the concert, the Pastor of the Church did a question/answer session in which she told how she came to know God and how she came to be an artist. She is a a very amazing Christian and it was a pleasure to get her to sign my CD and get to talk to her first hand.

I don't know how many of you have heard of her or even heard her music, but you can got to and listen to the CD. Once you do, I promise you will feel the urge to buy it for yourself.

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