Monday, September 15, 2008

Little Man Started Soccer!

T started soccer two weeks ago. (Which is also the reason for my delayed blogs lately.) Practices have been interesting since he is the only new one starting this season. With his birthday being in June and him just turning 5 not too long ago, he had to wait until this year to start. All the other kids on his team are older 5 year olds (almost 6) and are playing their third season, second year. Around here, you can play both in the Fall and Spring.

He loves it so far and is doing really well for a beginner. So far, Chris and Dad have been able to help me cheer him on at practices, but his games will start this Saturday. Any of you whom want to join me in cheering, T would love it and I know we all would love it too!

Here is his schedule below. ALL games are on FIELD C. We will be the only kids in that age group playing at that time, so it will be easy to find us. His Team Name is the KNIGHTS and they are Gold and Black.

Sept 20th vs. Mighty Tigers @1 (This is Silent Saturday in which no cheering or coaching of direction is allowed but sign are welcomed- never seen it so should be interesting.)
Sept 27th vs. Pumas @12pm
Oct. 4th vs. Rockets @11am
Oct 11th vs Rug Ratz @10am
Oct 18th vs. SA Force @ 9am
Oct 25th vs Warriors @ 8am
Nov 1st vs. Young Guns @ 2pm (This one is the one they rescheduled from this last Saturday due to rain out.)

**Please remember he usually goes to his Dad's for visitation on the 1st, 3rd and 5th weekend of the month, so if you are coming to one of those games he may not be playing. Please call me first so you don't waste gas. With his Dad's Hunting Season, we have not for sure decided when the best time for him to go visit is, but he will be missing some games to have that valued time with his other Family.

Here are a few pictures I managed to take at practices:

Thank you for all your Prayers and Support!

God bless,
H & T

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