Saturday, September 20, 2008

KNIGHTS WIN the First Game of the Season

I am so proud of Little Man! He hustled and played hard, even though it was extremely Hot at 1pm when they played. Since it was supposed to be "Silent Saturday" I painted and decorated a Cow Bell to ring when they were doing good. Even though no one was supposed to cheer on the kids with our voices, only with noise makers and signs, we all couldn't help but cheer them on. T ended up playing all but 15 minutes of the game. As you will see, he is #7.

-Warming Up with Coach Cortez-

-Game Time-

-Cheering his Teammates on while sitting out-

-We won! Go Knights!-

He definitely wasn't lacking in the cheering section, as His Dad's Whole Side of the Family was there, along with uncle Jim, our friend Dyan, my Godson Avery, and Me!

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