Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today since my nephew didn't have day care he had to go to, the two bys played all morning and even layed together while watching Imagination Movers. It was so cute we had to take a couple of pictures to share.

After my nephew woke up from his mid-morning nap, Mom and I decided to take them to Up-N Jacks in Kerrville for a few hours to tire them out some more. Mom had got them matching shirts and Little Man had asked if they could wear them to town. They looked so cute!

I was hoping to get a break, but by now my nephew was use to having me climb in and out with him, so I put on some socks and went in for fun. This place is nothing but a huge 1100+ sq. ft. room with multiple blown up mazes, bounce houses, obsticle courses, sports corners, etc. Here are the pictures mom took while we were there. I do have a few videos from her phone, if I can get them to upload on here.

We will head back to San Angelo tomorrow when Dad and KK get back. I have so enjoyed being here!

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