Friday, March 20, 2009


DAY #4 -- So, my Mother had taken a few close ups of Little Man's face and mine while painted. We came straight back to Kerrville in time to eat dinner and didn't have time to wash our faces, so needless to say, Mom took some pictures of her own and you can see them better on hers. I have been told now by two different people we should have gotten a close up picture, so here are the ones Mom took. Please rememer we were going on 8 hours with the makeup on so T's had been smudged a little by now. Also, please ignore my big nose in my profile shot, for it is not my best feature.

Also, I took the boys to play pretend race car driving and Mom snapped a picture of them before we left.

DAY #5 -- Today was a relaxing day. We hung out at Mom and Dad's house, then when it was time to pick my nephew up from his day care, we headed to town to take the boys to another playground. Once again, I got to be a kid (my nephew doesn't like heights but wants to go where my son does, so I get the pleasure of helping him climb on things and slide on things). I LOVE IT! Mom took pictures here and there and sent them to me so we could share with you. Enjoy -

We ended our afternoon with me giving Little Man a haircut. My nephew enjoyed playing outside around us as I finished up the haircut.

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