Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Today was a great day with Mom. Yesterday was spent with KK and Little Man, but today was with Mom. We decided last minute to drive to San Antonio to take Little Man to the Palladian IMAX Theatre to see the movie he had been begging to see since last Friday. He really enjoyed Race to Witch Mountain. Mom and I did too! After we watched it, we drove back to Kerrville to pick up my nephew (KK's Son) and took the two boys to two different parks to play while the sun was still up. They both had a blast, but since My Nephew is a little bit terrified of hights, I had to climb with him and help him get to where Little Man was. I can't complain too much...it was fun being a kid for a few hours. Here are a few pictures from the parks.

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Honea Household said...

Glad y'all are having a good time!