Monday, March 16, 2009

More Time With Little Man's Best Friends (a.k.a. his Cousins)

There is nothing Little Man loves more than Hanging out with his Cousins, except crafting and building with his cousins. They have had several fun slumber parties in the last two months. Two at my house, and one at My Brother's house. Here is one fun projects we did at my house.

These below are when we met up after his sleepover at my Brother's house at Home Depot to build race tracks. Ashley and I had a few laughs of our own that morning....right Ashley??? lol...Next time we read the instructions first before helping the kids build there Workshop Projects.

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Honea Household said...

Oh yeah...that was a crazy morning. I say let's just bring Jim next time. Golly, the one time that the craft is actually difficult and he isn't there. Grr...