Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SACA Field Trip to the Christmas Tree Farm 11/19/08

Today was a wonderful day in God's Country with a Bunch of eager children! I decided to use one of my many remaining vacation days to spend the day with my son. Today was the day he was looking forward to for months and I wanted to be there when he got to experience it for the first time. Today was his school field trip to the Christmas Tree Farm. It was a very eventful day and I managed to take a few pictures here and there to share with you.

Our day started out at the school at 8am. After Chapel time, we promptly left to go to Eldorado to our much anticipated destination. Once there, all the children (Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade) all circled around the flag pole to honor our Country by saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

Then once we divided into two groups ("The Elfs" were the Pre-K and K, while 1st and 2nd were "The Reindeers"), we went for a hay ride around the while farm so that they could explain to us how they plant, water, and care for the Pine Trees they grow. The kids really enjoyed the ride!

Here is a small portion of the tree farm. You can tell which one were planted three years ago versus one year ago.

Once the ride was over, we went to see the owner of the farm and he let the group plant a pine tree since they all managed to guess the things a tree needs to grow properly; water, soil. fertilizer, sun and air. Of course they added a few things like music and hugs which gave us all a giggle.

Meet "The Elfs!" They were so well behaved!

They had a "Dress the Scarecrow Contest" too! It was so cute and the kids thouroughly enjoyed it. There were four small groups and they all had their own area and clothes to use. They turned out great!
The finished product....
These llamas were new to the Tree Farm this year and 95% of the kids had never seen one before. They all learned what llamas eat and asked a handfuls of questions.
In the midst of feeding the llamas, we decided it was about time to eat lunch, so we roasted Hot Dogs and had Smores for dessert. Most of the kids had never cooked anything over an open fire, so they enojyed the fact they could prepare their oen food without the help of an adult.

Shortly after lunch, we loaded up the school vans to get the kids back so they would still have time to take a nap. The whole van ride back tot he school, T kept asking me when we were going to go back and begged me to get a real tree this year. We will see, I would love to get one, but they are a pain to clean up after (especially with two cats that will love to play).

I hope you day was a wonderful as mine. I love to be there to experience T's "Firsts!" But for those of you who can't, that is what this blog is for. Have a great evening everyone!

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