Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hiding Turkeys From Farmer Brown

Over the weekend, all the kids in T's class were given a Turkey to disguise so that Farmer Brown wouldn't recognize them and try to shoot them for Thanksgiving Dinner. When I heard what Little Man wanted his to be, all I could think of was "How are we supposed to do that...????..." Then one thing led to another... I drew, T cut things out, and we ended up with:

Here are some snap shots of the other kid's turkeys. I snuck a few pictures of them when I went to pick T up from school on Monday after school. They really turned out cute! These kids, though still young, have a wonderful imagination. I would love to give Kuddos to the parents for helping their kids make it happen the way they pictured it! Out of fourteen kids, they all turned out different and unique. See if you can guess what they all are disguised as....

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