Thursday, November 6, 2008

End of Season Soccer Party/Awards

As most of you know, I am a very proud Soccer Mom! To finish off a very successful season, Coach Cortez had all the boys meet at Neon Jungle for an awards ceremony and a few rounds of indoor put-put golf to celebrate their season. We are all so very proud of them!

When I told T that his awards party was in fact today after school, he said he wanted to take his Coach some flowers to say "Thank You" for teaching him how to play. He also wanted to get her an award, but since I didn't have time to come up with something, he settled for a gift card for movie rentals instead. He is so thoughtful and it is too cute that he always wants to get people something. He picked the flowers and the card out all by himself and was so proud that he didn't even spend all the money I told him he could, that he said I could buy something for myself with the left over money. It love it!!

He did let me snap a shot of him carrying in the flowers "like a big boy does" and he was grinning ear to ear when he told her "I picked them out myself and Mommy didn't even argue with me. Do you like them, if not Mommy can have them." It was funny. She told him she was very excited about them and asked if she could keep them instead. Of course, that made both his dimples pop out when he smiled with delight.

He is so excited about his trophy that he kept jumping up in place until she called out his name. He jumped up there so fast and turned immediately away and ran for me to show me. I couldn't help but laugh and wonder if I was that excited when I got my first trophy. I love to watch his excitement over the things in life. It makes all the long tiresome days worth it!


**I am also proud to announce that I will soon be Upgraded to a Basketball Mom at the end of this month. Tristan will be participating in Upwards Basketball.

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