Monday, June 9, 2008

Tristan's Star Party 05/16/08

Even though T's Birthday was not Until June 3rd, his School allows you to Host a "STAR PARTY" to honor those kids who have a birthday during the summer months. Tristan decided to have his on the 16th of May, right before school was out. He wanted Pizza, of course, so I made it a point to ask for time off work to be able to enjoy the party with him and take a few snap shots to share with you. (Thank goodness my work is very flexible on when I can take my lunch.)

He just had to take a picture showing how old he was going to be....too cute!!

One of the other Parents made Cookies, instead of cake. The kids really loved that!

This is how Heather B (Tristan's Step-Mom, but also his Pre-K Teacher) decorated the room. She did a great job and T really thought it was "COOL!" as he came through the door into the classroom.

While eating the eating their carrots, the kids decided to show how strong they were and I couldn't help but laugh at him....especially when he was straining so hard his face turned as red as a tomato...

Thank you to Heather B for helping me get this together for T!


Heather B always got creative with her bulletin boards throughout the school year. I was always stopping by to see what the next one was. When I saw this one, I had to share it with you! It says "One Soul At A Time, Stating With Mine. Bee God's Purpose." I managed to get a close up of Tristan as a Bee. He sure was a cute Bee....

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