Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Family Time

Lately, my family has visited a lot. It has been helping me keep my mind off of Tristan being at his Dad's in Fort Stockton. I have taken lots of photos of the Grandkids (but only posted a few) and also a video of My Niece riding her bike without training wheels and one of KK making my newphew laugh. They are all growing up way too fast.....

We are all very proud of her for being able to do it by herself!

T borrowed Little Man's bike, so Little Man had to help him out (or so he thought he did)...

She is so good at it!!

KK made the baby laugh. He is a verry happy kid with an Awesome Mommy!


She really likes holding and playing with the baby...

The boys were being boys and holding stuff on their heads to try to get us to laugh...too cute!

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Honea Household said...

Where are your pics from Vegas, baby?!