Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tristan's 5th Birthday Party

Even though T's Birthday is not until June3, we decided to have his Birthday party on May 31st at the Colts Stadium during one of their games. It was the last day I would have him before he would leave to go to visit his Dad in Fort Stockton for the entire month of June.

Shortly after arriving at the stadium, Casey the Colt brought T a gift and also a Birthday Cake from the Colts.

During the game, Tristan got called down to the field to Race Casey the Colt around the bases. We took a video of it so he could show you how fast he can run. You will see him false start and then have to go back and start again. He really enjoyed being able to chase Casey and when he was done, he received a t-shirt for beating Casey.

Since it was Jim's actual Birthday on the 31st, my parents, Karen, her son, and Omi all came over to the field after Jim's Party ended. (T and I didn't get to make it to Jim's Birthday party, but we did get to hang out with him and his family earlier that day and got to wish him a Early Happy Birthday.) Once they got there, I lit the candles on the Birthday cake and we all sang to T. Of course, Pop-pop had to cut the cake.....

After we sang and everyone ate the cake, we let T open his presents. There were so many of them. He was supported that day by many of our close friends, our singles ministry group and their children, and my family.

Aunt KK (Karen) decided to Silly String T and then Shortly there after, T's Step-Mom, Heather B, decided to Silly String his Dad. They both were caught of guard and we all had to laugh at them.

T was very pleased with the presents and will certainly get to enjoy them all once he gets back from his Dad's in July. He only got to open and play with a select few due to the fact that the he left to go to his Dad's the very next day.

We would like to thank all of those who were able to come to T's Party! His Dad, Step-Mom and I REALLY appreciate you being there to support him as he continues to grow and also for being there for him as he learns his place in this world.

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