Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Newest Crafting Hobby...Scrapbook Purses

Some of you have seen my newest crafting hobby, but for those of you who have not, check this out!

I saw one of these and decided I had to "Have" one for myself, but I didn't want to pay the "big bucks" this Woman I saw with it told me she paid for hers....so, after a quick 5 minute look over...I had my newest hobby planned out in my head.

I had originally only planned to make me one, but I have created a few purses for close family and friends and have a few Orders "in the works" just because people have loved what they have seen.

If anyone it interested in one, let me know. You chose the theme and pictures to be used and I do the rest. Of course they can be made for an inexpensive price, since I purely do this for the fun of it and to keep me busy in the evenings. Below are a few of the ones I have made:

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