Thursday, January 31, 2008

Delayed Blog due to time with Important People

Sorry it has been over two weeks since I last blogged. It has been a very busy two weeks. I have seen my family every weekend it seems for the last month and I love every minute of it! They are such an awesome group of people that I can't thank God enough for blessing my son and I with them. Also, this week Ashley and I have been taking turns keeping Karen's son for the week. Ashley watches him during the day and T and I keep him in the evenings. It has been SO much fun! T loves to have a baby around. He is always entertaining and being a big helper when I or the baby needs anything. His Dad and Step-Mother are expecting a baby in August and I can't help but think that he will be an attentive helper and an awesome big brother. T usually has Jim's two kids over one night during the week for some play time together. I usually tutor on the other nights after I get off work and then T and I spend time together practicing his school stuff or playing Games on or He has more intellect than I expected at this point. By that, I mean he seems to have a way of teaching things to himself and he is very good at being creative. He loves to take any object and turn it into a story full of adventure. One of the days I will get him on tape so I can show him when he gets older how creative and imaginative he is at this age. But, when I try to tape him, he stops until I put the camera away again. He is so smart!

Ok, so now the happenings of the last two weeks:

I spent some time with my family two weekends ago and my Dad helped me make a play area for T on his top bunk (instead of a second bed that we never used) while Mom and I changed out the dresser that is now in his room. He gets up in his play area every day. I put a few pictures below so you can see what his room looks like now. I also put some pictures of T and his cousins I took that last week when they came over to play. They play so well together. All three were in T's play area playing his V-Smile for quite some time. I am glad they live so close and that they are growing up together.

This last weekend was Karen's 26th Birthday! T and I went down to visit her in Fort Stockton, but before we could leave, T wanted to get "his KK" a cake from HEB since it has her favorite icing of all time on it. He was very proud of the cake he picked out.

This week we have had my nephew visiting us. T goes to school, I drop my nephew off with Ashley and the kids for a day of fun, then I got to work. When I get off, I pick up Karen's son and head home for fun with two very handsome boys. We sing, play peek-a-boo, we listen to music and just enjoy having a baby around. Hearing the giggles of two little boys really makes my days so much more enjoyable. I took a couple of pictures of my nephew while T and I sang to him and while T was telling him he loves him (as he said "just like My KK does to him and me").

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