Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Two Kindergarden Graduations in Two Days!

Let me start this blog by apologizing for the tardiness of this post. My computer decided to give out on me right after the graduation parties for both Little Man and my niece and I have been unable until now to get the part I needed to get it up and going.

Almost two weeks ago, my Niece and my Son graduated from Kindergarden. We were all so very proud of them! So thumb up to the graduates of Kindergarden 2009!!! YEAH!!!

Here is the only other Star that wasn't in either of the shows:
My Niece with her diploma - I am so proud!!! :)

The whole family
Two amigos, the third was playing...
PopPop and his "Angel"
So precious!!
Little Man in the robe...this is the only time I cried and he didn't even know it...
So handsome!!!
Getting his diploma...
I am so proud of him!!!
SACA Kindergarden Class of 2009
The three amigos!
Little Man with Mom and Dad:
PopPops "Buddy"
Little Man with his Teachers:

They really do grow up too quick!!!

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