Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Early Birthday to Me...

So Chris (my boyfriend) decided to plan ahead (four days before my actual birthday, in order to keep me on my toes)and gave me a surprise Birthday Party . He was so sweet and so thoughtful about doing it too.
We always meet for Thursday night bible study at his house. Except this week, there would be no studying. He started to teach like normal, but then all of the sudden, here comes a cake. Then here comes a second cake. It totally caught me off guard! He was the first person besides my mom to bake me a gluten-free cake. He is a great cook, but chooses to keep his chef skills at bay, except for special occasions. This time, it was my special occasion and he did a marvelous job! (Mom, you would be so proud!)

After cake, I got to open my gifts from him. I just had to show you how he did them, since he is all too creative and thoughtful in how he did it. Don't worry, you will see exactly what I mean in the pictures.

The First one I opened said " I imagine you look wearing this" and it was a pearl necklace. The second one said "GORGEOUS...upon your skin" and was a matching pearl bracelet. The last box said "BLESSED...that you are mine" and was the earrings. It couldn't have been more sweet. (He is and has always been very thoughtful in the notes he writes for me or the cards he gives me from time to time.)

Here is what they looked like on me.

After everyone left, Tristan came up to me with a card. I had him sit with me to read it to me (he is learning to read more and more each day, so the practice is good for him).

I am very blessed to have so many people surrounding me that are so thoughtful and caring!!! I am also blessed to have such a wonderful and caring Family!!

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