Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fire Trucks & Firemen Transformers 10/04/08

Little Man went to Home Depot's Kids Workshop this morning with my friend's kids and learned to build a firetruck. When he got home, he couldn't wait to show me what he made with his own two hands. He usually has to miss these events due to being at his Dad's the first weekend of every month, but since we switched weekends, Little Man got to go to this time. (I recommend that if you have kids, that you take them. ) Here is what the finished project looked like.

As you can see below, the lights on the top of the truck remove to be a whistle. Little Man loved it, although Mommy got tired of the whistle after hearing it for almost two hours straight that same day...
Shortly after making this truck, we had to go to his third Soccer game of the Season. Although we lost this game, he still had a great day visiting with family that had come to town.

Once we got home, Little Man decided to do his "Imagination Game". Usually, he wont' let me tape him, he usually stops when I pull out the camcorder and won't start again until I put it up. But this time he actually kept playing, even though he knew I had it on him recording. His imagination is amazing! He can think up a whole scenario and play it out without even pausing. It is so fun to watch when he gets going. I am glad this time I get to share it with you. Enjoy!

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