Monday, August 18, 2008

T is in Kindergarten Now!

Well, T has finally begun his school year this morning. His Dad and I had the pleasure of taking him to his first day of Kindergarten at San Angelo Christian Academy this morning!

He really is growing up quick! This morning I tried to help him get his lunch, rain coat, and backpack on, but little did I know that he had already gotten his lunch box out of the fridge, had his jacket on and was putting his backpack on when I walked into the living room. When I reached out to help him finish putting his backpack on, he simply turned his body and said"I got it Mom...I am a big boy now." I couldn't help but laugh and feel a little bit of hurt. I always enjoy helping him in the mornings and today he did it all by himself. The only thing he let me do was wet his hair so he could comb it. Guess that is what I get for telling him that he has to be a "Big Boy" at school...

-Daddy walking him into the school-
-His desk-
-Bye Daddy-

-"Aww..Mom...not another picture..."-

-His way of telling us "all is ok" and we can leave...-

I am so proud to be his mom and I know his Dad, Heather B., and all of our families are proud of our Big Boy!

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