Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Tree Time

Well, I finally caved in a decided to get a real tree this year. When T and I went to the Christmas Tree farm in Christoval, he fell in love with the idea of a real tree and picking it out himself, instead of the tree we have used for the last four years. So, after some coaxing from my Dad and my Son, I decided to make another trip to the Christmas tree farm and let him pick out our tree. So far, the house continually smells like pine and we are enjoying the tree, along with the cats....

Here is the tree T picked out for us:

It was very interesting getting it off the top of my car and into the house by myself..T kept saying "Mommy don't break it...mommy be careful..." I was so glad once I got it in the house ans settled into the stand. We decorated it and everything looked great, for a litle while. That is, until the new kitten discovered the newly added tree in the living room and up the tree she went. When I went to take her picture, I scared her and out of the tree she flew, throwign the tree to the ground and breaking about half of my ornamnents that were on the tree. Luckily, we had more ornaments that would fit, so all was ok after I ancored it to the bar behind it. Since then, the cat can get into the tree without any more heart attacks for me.

Here is our beautiful tree:

Now that the house is decorated and the lights put up outside, the only thing I have to worry about is the continued question "Is it Christmas yet??" Lol.....

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