Monday, April 7, 2008

Walk for Autism Results

As most of you know, I had the pleasure of Walking this past Saturday to help support one of my Co-worker's Son. He was diagnosed with Autism and fights the battle everyday. I also had the pleasure of supporting one of my Son's friends, Rodney (he works at my son's School). The turn out for the event was amazing! Over 500 people showed up. The total raised is still being determined at this point, but our Multi-Chem Team raised approximately $2245.00 and the total donations placed that day were over $10,000.00 (not including all internet pledges prior to the event on Saturday morning). It was a pleasure to walk for Reagan and Rodney and I know Tristan said he "liked being able to help my friends" as we were leaving. It is nice to know so many people care enough to help support others!

I took a few pictures while we were there. I hope that in the future if you ever get the chance to do a walk to help support a cause, that you choose to do it! I have another walk next month to help support Cancer and I am excited to be able to participate in it as well. Tristan said he wants to do that one too! I love that my son is so supportive of me and him helping others when we can!